Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Old Skool

I've ridden over 25,000 miles in clip-in pedals.
First with Shimano 150 "Look Compatibles"
Then thousands in Crank Bros. Quattros
Lately in Speed Play Light Actions

I'm tired of the high maintenance, the unreliability and random pop-outs.
I want more comfort and less hassle.

Today I put on old school flat pedals and commuted in  high top Converse All -Stars, commonly known as Chuck Taylors ( likely inaccurate for my Target bought pair, but if you are going to be a shoe snob, you can bite me).

It rocked. I'm unsure how it will be on longer rides, but my feet can't hurt anymore than they did after the last few centuries. I'll try to tweet regularly with my impressions.

More information and possible wisdom to be found here:

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