Monday, February 7, 2011

Courtesy and Honesty

I think it's important to point out courtesy and honesty, when applied unexpectedly, can have surprising results.

But, who really cares? If I have to be nice to get it, I don't want it. I bet the Germans have a word for that special flavor of sour grapes.

Cycling Content to follow.

 I am riding more, and currently in training for the Raven Rock Ramble

I'm working hard to shed ~20 lbs before then. Although I have no doubt I can finish, for once I would like to do so without felling like a sack of fecal coliforms. 

Fecal Coliforms look like this:

Here is what I typically look like after a century:
Squint your eyes, and you can see the uncanny resemblance.

Here is what Somer Cooper looks like. Note the difference:

I am currently shopping for rear panniers that work well for commuting. For the few of you you with long memories, I used to commute with a backpack. The backpack worked well when I had a fixed based of operations where I could keep towels and toiletries, and where the dress code was not so strict. However, after changing jobs, things looked grim.

Now I am at different offices  every day, but I noticed that most of the large office buildings are  equipped with showers and locker rooms, so if I can pack everything I need and keep my "Business Casual Clothes" fairly wrinkle free, I can begin to get some commuting miles in again.

I need to be able to carry my laptop and assorted tools of my trade ( Remember the dentist in  Marathon Man? ), and detach that bag and carry it into a clients office without looking like a pin head. The other bag needs to be able to carry clothes and toiletries so I can sneak a shower and then dress and look presentable.

The most important part is the bag that I can detach and carry as a briefcase/messenger bag. It must be cool, to reflect my cool business like manner. It must not look like bike geek wear.

I'll let you know what I find.

Back to the Raven Rock Ramble. I'm thinking I  may be able to live webcast some or all of it, with interactive conversations possible. I need to test this out a bit and will let you know, but it may be kinda cool. It also may be boring. Like this post is becoming.

-Evil C.

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