Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Ends, The Means, Who Cares.

I almost started writing a political diatribe today. Almost addressed the ends justifying the means. Almost jumped on a pro-military soapbox. Almost dove headfirst into the upcoming election.

But pulled back from the brink. Coitus Interruptus of the ranting train wreck that would follow.

Honestly, I hate to talk about politics. I have many good friends, people I respect, intelligent people, former teachers, ardent fans, all of whom I strongly disagree with when it comes to politics.

I just feel it would be wrong to ruin our relationship and let them know that, since they disagree with me, by definition, they are wrong.

We can talk bikes. Trek, Cannondale, Proteus, aluminum, titanium, Dura-Ace, Campagnolo, Carbon Monocoque Riding Poseurs.( If you leave the politics out)

We can talk guns. ( If you leave the politics out)

We can talk cars. ( If you leave the politics out)

We can talk about me. Alway popular.

We can talk about you. For a while at least. More so if you are particularly attractive, and send me the pictures to prove it.

We can talk about coffee. ( If you leave the politics out)

We can talk tech. Less so if you are an Apple fanboy.

We can talk Sci-Fi.

We can talk sports. Unless you are a Yankees fan.

Just leave me out of your politics.

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  1. Evil C, one can leave you out as long as you wish. That is, until, you engage. In which case you put yourself square in the middle. We love you. Your cars, your bikes, your guns, your pics of hot women that know how to bike in long, black evening gowns and heels. Anything less would lack interesting. And above all else... we need interesting. Keep writing, friend. Somer


Thank you for your comments, you simpering fool. Now, await your destiny. Or have a cocktail, something fruity, maybe with one of those little umbrellas.