Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Politics. Really?

I don't generally discuss politics on this blog, or in general.

Not that I don't follow politics or don't have politcal views. I do.

I don't discuss politics here because:

1. There are a gazilion other political blogs. Generally, they turn my stomach.

2. I hate most politicians. I know you think the guys in your party are great and the other guys are scum. You are half right. This opinon makes me unwelcome in any discussion, regardless of the group;

But, amusingly enough, a friend seemed genuinely surprised that I was a cyclist and a Republican. Like they were mutually exclusive. I mean, its well known that all conservatives sit inside all day, smoke cigars and try to think of way to rape the planet.

In truth, I'm more libertarian than conservative. Really, I just want to be left alone; by the left and the right. Go home.

-Evil C.

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