Friday, June 25, 2010

AIDS Ride 2010

Technically the AIDS Walk & Ride, but the walking part is not my cup of tea.

Flashing back a little bit, I did the 2010 AIDS Ride on May 1st. I did the full 102+ miles (a little more that the scheduled 102, as I made wrong turn near the end.)

It sucked more than usual for me. Not because of the organization or management of the ride. They did a great job as usual with support etc.

Its not you, its me.

I was way under trained this year. I should have quit around mile 65, but I willed may way to the end. Ass hurt. Feet really hurt and knee was so bad that it still bothers me almost two months later. I was gulping Ibuprofen like a cheerleader gulps "the pill" before prom. It masked the pain, allowing me to limp to a finish, but I paid for it for weeks afterwords.

Also, from a mental standpoint, they did an "out and back" route this year versus a big loop.I have an easier time finishing a big loop. Just seems easier.

If I do the AIDS ride again, and if I am under trained, I won't kill myself. I've got nothing left to prove in the century department. I already know I'm tough. I'll quit at 65. However, the better answer is that I will train more and whine less..

-Evil C.

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