Monday, January 4, 2010


It was 18F on the ride in today. That is -8C for my more civilized readers.
Cold. Very cold for North Carolina.
Those of you from Northern areas are probably getting out your "Quit Whining You Sissy" comments, and you would be somewhat justified. Well, not really.The fact you enjoy ice fishing just proves your are idiots, not real men.
However I did still ride in, knowing full well that it would suck. It did. And, last year I made a promise that I would not ride in if it was less that 20F, and yet I rode in anyhow.

Could be I like have the bike rack at the labs all to myself.
Could be I like to re-affirm my toughness.
Could be the 15 lbs I have put on since November.

In any case, it a new year and the ride continues...

-Evil C.

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