Thursday, August 6, 2009

Usually, I'm all for this..

Typically, I love it when somebody calls a retailer/manufacturer/politician to task for being less than honest. However, when you do so, please remember two words:
Your credibility goes down the tube when your e-mail looks like it was written by a three year old. Even I make occasional typos, but in general, I do proof read.

Example of truly awful found below. Its so bad, I am actually wondering if the typos are intentional, to make some type of point. If that is the case, and the joke is on me, so be it:

"intersting that my post was deleted so quickly guess those honmest folks at perfromance dont wnat everyone to knwo what si goign on there...i have had a dozen emails this mnornign replying thta they had the same exeporience there
gues sthta pretty well sums it up...

Hi everyone...i usually dont do negative posts but my experience yesterday leads me to this...i went to perfomrmce bikes with my girlfriend and took my specialized hardrock bike with me...
we wanted an adjustable stem for it so we could get an optimal position for my girlfriend...james a mechanic there tells me that we dont need a stem we need swept back bars...course thta doesnt addreasss the issue fo her wantign to be more stretched out and then he also points out that the saddle is inappropriate( even tho he hasnt asked the fundamental question fo what ehr riding agenda will be,)
and says we need a tractor style saddle with springs...interesting becuase when i went to performance some months before i was sold the wtb womens saddle and was told it was very comfortable...
he then says that it will cost $133 for the handlebaqr because the cables are too short and the bars wont fit...i had just done a compelte overhaul on the bike and when i put new cables on i added extra length to accomodate a stem or handlebar that was his 2cnd lie...the seat was actually the first...then he says you probably wont want to fix this bike as it will cost a lot of money to fix up...theres a lot wrong with it.i asked "well specifically what?" he said "lots."
what specificfally is asked again...he says he can "see" that the bottom bracket cup is loose...if a cup is loose the crackset has side to side play...its simple physics ...i had it in my park stand the day before when i did a complete overhaul and there was no
play whatsoever...on the fixed cup there was not one tenth of a millimeter space between the cup and the bottom bracket shell...but this joker can "See" that its loose?????james problem is that i was a mechanic for four years and managed a bike shop...he didnt know that and what he was saying about the condition fo the bike was total fabrication...
then he tells my girlfriend that what she really wants to do is check out a new performance bike so he hauls out a 289 dollar hybrid with a frame too large for her and the handlebars a foot higher than the saddle...just the thing she needs for 20 mile group rides...:-) right on James!!!
the bike is eight pounds hevier than the specialized and the shock is a cheap coil type and the compoments and wheels are crap by comparison to the specialized but he keeps bad mouthing the specialized ....
so he wants us to get rid of the porsche and buy a vw...I suspect jamers is used to soccer moms coming in and he lays the line fo bs on them thta eh was gicving ne and their eyes glaze over as they get the checkbook out...
gotta hand to to performance i have bought bikes from them shoes helmets clothes etc...but never again...any organization that lets con artists like this exist within their community isnt deserving of the publics trust or money..
he doesnt work in a vacuum...i suspect that there is a commission for every new bike sold and probalby on repairs as well...a great system for performance but not so good for us bikers that seek an honest and professional opinion.
i have been to allstar rei and used to go to spin cycle and have never heard the outrageous line of self serfving lies and bullshit in any of those shops that i was served at performance bikes yesterday...
Gordon Gross
Rasleigh nc
" [sic]


-Evil C.

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