Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cynicism at Bay

I'm composing this on my ePhone (like an iPhone, but much better, becaue it's mine). I've tried every smartphone that has come through Evil Labs, including models by Motorola, HTC and Samsung. The iPhone is by far the best. I am NOT an Apple fan, so praising their product does not come easily. Of couse, like I said, because it's mine, it becomes the "ePhone", far superior to a run of the mill iPhone.

I'm finding it hard to be too cynical right now. Not that there's not plenty of crummy stuff ( queue The Ramones) going on in the world, all of which may or may not be part of my Evil Master Plan. However, I'm not ready to get into politics quite yet on this corner or the blogsphere. In my little world, insofar as cycling is concerned, things are as they should be.
I had contacted SpeedPlay about my exploding pedal, and the were very good about providing Return Authorization. I sent the pedals in on Friday, and Ill let you know when they come back. In the mean time I am kind of enjoying the Crank Bros. Quattros.
The latest issue of Bicycle magazine came the other day. Plenty to ridicule, so stay tuned.
I still chuckle when I look at the old issue that calls Lance Armstrong "Mr. Millimeter"

-Evil C.

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