Friday, July 24, 2009

Ode to My Brooks Saddle, A.A. Milne Style

Brooks, Brooks, B-17, the only saddle for me,
takes great care of my bottom, as well as from where I pee.
Brooks, Brooks, cradles my arse, and gives me nothing but glee.
I just never ride down past the end of the town,
if I don't ride down on thee.

Brooks, Brooks, B-17, the finest saddle around
Brooks, Brooks, B-17, for rides past the end of town.
If you want to cradle your junk including your trunk
You'll find that this saddles astounds.

John Boultbee Brooks of Birmingham burg
should clearly be listed a saint,
as he made a device so kind to your hind that riders sing praise to their 'taint

So when you go riding for hours on end and others are grumpy and sore,
take heart my good friends, and much sympathy lend
but know that YOUR comfort comes firstmost and fore.

-Evil C.

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