Friday, July 24, 2009

Its Early..

...and I am pondering the bike frame I just bought, but which has not been delivered.

No, not thinking about whether to up-armor it. Of course I will.

Actually I am wondering if I made the right choice. No, this isn't some namby pamby case of buyers remorse. That would require some inner measure of guilt, of which I was thankfully born without.

I had been pretty sure I was going to buy a single speed. I realize you are thinking right now that I just wanted to jump on the trendy single speed bandwagon. Not so. I just want simple, light and reliable for the commute from the evil lair to the evil lab.

But several realities came into play:
1. I don't just commute, I join group rides and I ride several centuries a year;
2. I already have very reliable components to build up the bike. Its not as if I had a reliability issues withe the previous machine;
3. I don't care so much about lightness, within reason ( Hafnium frames being the exception);
4. I don't really need a simple bike. By their nature, even complex bikes are fairly simple to work on, especially for the Evil Cyclist.
5. I dawned on me that people might think I was actually riding a fixie. I could not bear the shame.

You almost certainly thinking....Evil Cyclist joins group rides?
Content for a later entry: Top Ten Evil Things To Do While On a Group Ride

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