Friday, July 24, 2009

Cannondale Wins The DMV Award

I've decided to create a new award ( fan fare please) and name it after one of the most evil institutions on the planet, the DMV ( Department of Motor Vehicles for my non-U.S. readers.)

The first recipient of this award goes to Cannondale, for shipping productions overseas. How deliciously evil..... Maybe if they hadn' t tried to build motorcycles a while back, they'd have enough money in the kitty to build efficient production facilities here and even better, would never have been bought out by Doral.

Instead, they put several hundred skilled employees out of work. I'm sure those bike builders will be able to find employment at another bike factory in the U.S....., er, um, never mind.

Lotsa blame to go around though, with the buck stopping at worthless politicians who create policy that makes Bozo look brilliant. You'll find a disdain of politicians a steady theme here at evilcyclist. Plenty to dislike there on both side of the aisle!

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