Friday, July 24, 2009

Bruce Rosar Memorial Ride

I rode in the North Carolina Bicycle Club Summer Rally on Sunday, July 19th. They made it into a memorial for Bruce Rosar. I had no previous contact with NCBC, but they did a good job. It was well organized and well staffed.

In honor of Bruce:

1. I obeyed every rule of the road on the way to the Evil Lab today. Stopped at every stop sign and red light, used proper hand signals, (while refraining from the less proper ones) and didn't shout a single obscenity. All very atypical.
2. I think everybody should strive to reach out and touch more people. This will make a lasting mark on the world around you. Bruce seemed to do it by getting deeply involved in the things he loved and using his enthusiasm to spread his passion to others.

You could also make a mark with your fellow citizens the Evil Cyclist way, which is to circle around after everybody has ridden off, and let the air out of all their car tires. Watch for cameras and make sure to let some air out of you own tires too, in order to cast aside suspicion. Almost everybody at one of these events will have a hand pump, but it takes forever to pump up a car or SUV tire with a hand pump. Bonus points for getting the news truck tires.... BTW, this is almost certainly a crime and will get you pummeled/arrested if caught. Don't whine to me from your cell/hospital bed.

-Evil C.

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